Propellerhead Record for your toothbrush.


Propellerhead is one of my favorite music software companies. I use pretty much everything they have released so far with joy. Their ware sounds great, doesn’t crash, has a nice Swedish aesthetic and is priced right. It’s been glaringly obvious the one piece of kit they lacked in their arsenal was a way to record actual audio. Better late than never is the motto of the day because our favorite virtual rack guys have stepped up to the plate. If this is going to replace your DAW or not will depend on your personal taste and workflow. My guess is it will be a nice tool to jump in and out of just like Reason is.

“Welcome to Record, Propellerhead Software’s brand new recording software. Record gives you unlimited audio tracks, world class effects and mixing gear, and a whole new take on music recording. With an intuitive, straightforward interface and a hands-on approach to capturing performances, Record was designed for musicians – not audio engineers. This is recording done right.” –

If you can’t wait for release day there is a beta program now in action. Sign up: here

For more info:

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2 thoughts on “Propellerhead Record for your toothbrush.”

  1. Wow I always wondered how I would record my toothbrush. Now how can I record VST’s and VSTi’s? Oh wait, I can’t. What a dud…Seriously, who is this aimed at? Other than die-hard Reason users I can’t see anyone getting this. For $100 more, just get Live.

  2. The art of implementing Reason’s missing and long requested features … in another product for which you charge. And add a dongle, which is as stupid as you can make it for a product that you need to use in places without internet access & ith risqks of USB hub breakdown etc…

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