GTD Applications. Which one?


I’m a list maker. As far back as I can remember I was writing out lists on paper. What to do today. What do to next week. Things I meant to do last week but want to definitely get to this year. Things I need to do that have to do with the music business. Things I need to do that have to do with home life. You get the idea. Naturally computers make list making and reminders even more “enjoyable”. However, I’ve been torn as to which application to use.

My first stab at a computerized to do list was in a Filemaker database I created. After that got boring I just had a to do list on a TextEdit document. Then I had that list TextEdit document inside a iDisk (mobileMe) folder so it would be available on all my computers. When online web apps took over I tried Remember the Milk and Todoist. I settled on Todoist for about a year. Lately, with my new job and Bronx renovations I realized I am managing a ton more projects and need another layer of help. This weekend I tried out The Hit List and Things. I really like Things a lot and think it maybe my next choice. The iPhone app for Things also looks pretty sweet. Although I’m already syncing a bunch of stuff (mobileMe, dropbox, Spanning Sync) and I think it’s slowing my machine down (duh!). I really think web apps are the future though. Google’s new Task’s look interesting. Maybe I should make a musical GTD inbox? I could sing all my to do lists! Surely I would remember them that way.

So by now maybe you get my point? Yes I need to choose a tool and they are useful but it’s all a bit ridiculous. That said, what’s your favorite choice for remembering all the things you have to do?

If you want to know a little more about the art of “Getting Things Done” or GTD check out David Allen: click here

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12 thoughts on “GTD Applications. Which one?”

  1. Personally I’ve tried a few and a text file in DropBox seems to be the most efficient way so far. It’s small, format independent and gets copied to all of the machines I regularly use.

    Small & efficient. I like it.

  2. I used to try Things and love it but I didn’t sync it to anything.
    I stop using Things because what I’m doing now isn’t that complex, no need to be organized that much, so I switched back to use normal to-do list.
    Anyway, if my work become more complex, Things will be my first choice absolutely.

  3. I just switched from plain paper to Remember The Milk and I’m pretty happy about it. RTM syncs with nearly everything and is available through 1000 ways (desktop, every calender software, web, twitter, mail, sms, iPhone, mobile version …). The Tags and Smart Lists are extremely powerful. You may need some time to find the best flow but i think it is worth it.

    But Things may be a good choice, too, only the sync part would bug me …

  4. I just bought myself OmniFocus from the Omnigroup ( I’m using it in a business context to keep track of hundreds of leads, small projects and recurring tasks, but it’s actually targeted at personal and home use (and very clean and simple).

    The reason I like this tool so much is that it perfectly suits the typical Macintosh user’s taste and needs ;-)

  5. I love to make lists in excel, however it gets out of hand often. I just keep adding more. Im definitely going to check out the different tools you suggested. Thanks!

  6. So far, I’ve been using iCal for that, for a few years now. I’m in front of a Mac all day and most of the night, day job and more, so I use iCal to remind me of stuff, almost anything, and MobileMe to sync.

    I gotta check out this RTM thing. Good question. Glad you asked.

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