Sunday Sounds: Happy Mother’s Day

Mr. T

I pity the fool who doesn’t love his mother. Especially on Mother’s Day! My mother put up with me screaming my head off in the basement making hardcore techno tracks. My mother still cooked me dinners even when I stained the bathroom permanently green with hair dye. I remember one year she was going to the drug store and I asked her to pick me up a “music magazine”. She came home with one of those glam rock magazines with a guy who looks like a chick on the cover. She said, “I was so embarrassed buying this”. I explained I meant “Keyboard” or “Electronic Musician”… I felt so bad she was embarrassed! Thanks ma for putting up with so much stupidity!

Mr. T certainly feels love for his mother and to prove it he wrote this song:


  1. “What kinda” Post!

    I thought that was funny you put in the Mr. T references. I can tell you I put my mom through HELL many times. One time in particular. It was the summer before my senior year (1988) and I had just gotten my mohawk. Ellen helped me dye my head “Ronald McDonald” red. I came home looking like that. My dad laughed saying I looked like an idiot. My mom stared for a moment w/ that “WTF” look on her face, sighed, then said “Well this is you!” She hated it, but accepted it almost immediately because she knew I was a bit nuts. So much we put our parents through sometimes, huh? Needless to say, I may have “cleaned up” a bit, but the rage is still in me. For example, I’ll be in Montreal this w/d bro…sorry I wasn’t there last year (even though I did have tickets to all 3 Phases), but @ least I’ll get to see some good bands.

    Talk soon – Rich


    1. The Kinetik Festival should be good. My friend Larry Kraman is producing a DVD for it so be sure to get yourself on film somehow!


      1. OK will do! I’ll make sure to see if I can find him this weekend and tell him you referred me to him. I’ll take pictures for sure. Take ‘er easy bro – R


  2. Very interesting song,hehe.
    I did not knew Mr.T was a song writer.Maybe i had a wrong impression about him due to watching A-Team when kid or WWF matches with Hulk Hogan.:)

    I totally agree with you about mother.I love mine too very much and i couldn’t thanks her enough for what she did and she keep on doing for me.
    Included the encouragement and the feedbacks about my music.Basically she’s always my best fan :)


  3. victorfromRio May 10, 2009 at 4:06 pm

    mother: our first lover!
    happy momĀ“s day for all !!!!


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