Lacie iamaKey USB Flash Drive.

Lacie iamaKey

I have a habit of giving away usb flash drives. More than a few times I gave someone a file on a flash drive and when the person said, “hey these are cool” I can’t help from saying, “keep it”. They make good on the spot gifts because anyone who thinks a plain plastic USB key is cool must also think they cost more than $9.99 (which a 2GB guy goes for these days).

I got myself a new flash drive today the “iamaKey” from Lacie. As you see in the photo above it’s a real key with a built in flash drive. It was $20 for 4GB. There’s really nothing else to say other than it fits my ultra nerd self 100%.

If you want to be near music gear 100% of the time look at these babies:


Weird and yummy (via Synthtopia). Get them: here

More info:

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7 thoughts on “Lacie iamaKey USB Flash Drive.”

  1. yeh those LaCie USB sticks are really nice – theres a few other types on their site too

    of the other two it would definitely be rockin the SP-1200 though

    lulz for the promotional speak on the website:

    ‘These unique devices are perfect for Hip-Hop beat makers, producers, and enthusiast on the go. This is the only portable data storage solution that screams “Hip Hop”.’

    I’d love me a 909 or even 707 one though :D

  2. You know I was just thinking that eventually when they become even cheaper and bigger capacity – maybe like 64GB or something, it would be a good idea to carry your ‘master project’ files around on a keyring like that (and also have a duplicate ring) – so you’d have all the project files, imported/processed/consolidated samples and presets you made on it…

  3. Yeah, I’ve seen those Lacie Keys here, too. They look pretty cool, but I’d be worried abour the connectors, since they are not enclosed and can be scratched or maybe damaged by the other keys. Anyway, the MPC-style key is supercool :-)

  4. yeh im a bit alarmed by this recent ‘open USB connectors’ trend that seems to be going on – even some of intel’s USB 3.0 demo stuff seems to be going that way…

  5. wow, i was literally looking at those LaCie ones last night after loosing my 4gb freecom. They look really cool. I like the idea of the others on their site that take SD cards, v good idea.

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