Traktor to Twitter launched by Ritchie Hawtin.

Ritchie Hawtin

I met Ritche Hawtin a few times. I played a bowling alley with him in the early 90’s. We were set up inside the area that gives out the rental shoes. More recently in Berlin he moved into the studio next to me. Beyond being a friendly guy he’s got some great marketing tool ideas. I really like his latest move which sends Tweets of whatever track he’s playing directly from Native Instruments Traktor to Twitter. Here’s the copy:

“Pioneering techno DJ Richie Hawtin has announced the development of a new Twitter application that enables him to broadcast his Traktor tracklists in real time over the network. The custom Twitter application was developed in-house by Richie Hawtin’s label Minus, and it works by uploading song metadata through Traktor Pro’s inbuilt broadcasting functionality. Track details are automatically posted to Richie Hawtin’s Twitter account every 30 seconds (you can already see Traktor tracklist updates on his Twitter), giving anyone access to the tracklist of his performance, and providing exposure to the artists and labels whose music is being played.” –

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4 thoughts on “Traktor to Twitter launched by Ritchie Hawtin.”

  1. The most boring DJ ever.

    It is always some new piece of gear or technology with Hawtin. That is his brand. That is what he is known for. That is his schtick. It is the Emperor’s clothes.

    Are you really buying in to Twitter tacked on to Traktor? Really?

    This is unimportant, needless, lame, and nobody in Detroit likes you.

    1. @Books v&:
      Let’s all go back to recording and performing from dat-tapes then. Not.
      I don’t see you accomplish anything innovative.
      Ofcourse not everything can be a wild improvement of the world, but giant leaps consist of many small steps.
      And you might hate the way Richie markets himself and his activities, you cannot deny that he is constantly searching for methods to actively include and involve audience (not necessarily his own) with the goings-on.
      He isn’t another arrogant stardom artist trying to push his productions but is really constantly thinking about shaping the future of music. Detroitfags will allways find a way to criticise anyone trying to accomplish something new, but hey, who’s afraid of Detroit nowadays anyway.

      1. iPhone Twitter projection device – Oliver for the win!

        Sorry to bring the heat to such an informative and hip music production blog. Can we not just call this one as it is. As soon as I heard Twitter on Traktor I thought … DJ AM ? , Steve Aoki ? , Future Sound of London ? no Hawtin, of course, with some kind of arctic white mini keyboard strapped to his forearm with blue LEDs. “This is Twitter in 5.1 surround. Lowering my carbon footprint and involving the crowd so they can stare at their cellphones.”

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