From happy to dark the music tells the story.

I posted a link to this video last week on my Twitter and Facebook pages. It’s a joke video but it really has been stuck in my head because it showcases how music alone changes the entire context of the video. For those who don’t know Different Strokes was a happy 70’s television show. It was about an old white guy “Mr. Drummond” and how he adopted two kids and all there silly antics in New York City. The original music for the sitcom was typical happy jumpy. Simply by switching the music out the show’s intro tells an entirely different let’s say disturbing story. This shows the power of music.

More info: Different Strokes at Wikipedia

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5 thoughts on “From happy to dark the music tells the story.”

  1. Heh,i remember that drama,i think i was 3 years old or something.We called it “Arnold” here.And Kimberly was hot.

    Interesting video anyway.

  2. yeh very different to the original music eheh

    btw Richter Karla Dano (Kimberley) died in 1999 from a drug overdose o_O

    she also spent a good while in ‘Wild-Orchid’ style (very) soft-porn films

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