The Horrorist – We Will Get Wicked

We Will Get Wicked - The Horrorist

Here’s a clip of a new song I am working on called “We Will Get Wicked” which will end up on my next album. A man speaks to a woman letting him know his dirty plans for her. I imagine those plans take place sometime early in the morning on a weekend night.

“And it’s something we must go through.” – The Horrorist

I know this music maybe isn’t for everyone but we can all appreciate the drums of from the Vermona DRM1 MKIII firing all full force. The snare (with analog Bucket Delay full up) and clap are panned hard left and right making a sweet stereo spread. The nice synth that plays behind the breathing section is a Korg MS20 I borrowed from a friend. The MS20’s nasal filter really shines there. My favorite part of the song is when the breathing echos every 8 or 16th time they appear. I know it’s a bit Kraftwerkesque but I think it appropriately fits in a song about sex. Part of the reason they echo so nicely is that I use a TC Electronic Powercore’s Chorus/Delay plug-in. Take a listen:

Remember that music is only the soundtrack for a real life. Now go and find yourself someone to torture.

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7 thoughts on “The Horrorist – We Will Get Wicked”

  1. cool track man – yeh I really like using the Chorus/Delay, but unfortunately I never get to use it that much cos it uses a fair bit of Powercore CPU and I only have a Compact :s

      1. yeh I use the PowercoreCL sidechained on pretty much everything, and Ive actually recently realised that although in ‘normal’ settings I slightly prefer the UAD 1176 emulation (a bit ‘springier’/warmer) , the Powercore one distorts nicer I think…

        ClassicVerb and Character are cool too – X3 is brilliant, I intend to get X5 soon though…

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