Keywriter is a German typewriter VST for PC.


It’s rare I do a post about a PC only plug-in because I own a Mac. I do however own VMWare Fusion and XP to run Excel and Songsmith. This morning I installed a demo version of Ableton Live inside Fusion solely to check out Keywriter. I know it’s a novelty plug-in but I couldn’t resist. Basically its a VST simulating an old German typewriter called “Erika”. It’s a freebie and you can find audio samples, screenshots and the download: here

Keywriter is a rompler that reproduce the sounds of a German typewriter «Erika». Can be used as a unusual rhythm machine, and as a tool for special effects. Main features: Full range of typewriter sounds, Stereo control; Drive contol; Low CPU usage. –

photo credit: Phil Moore

via Synthtopia

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4 thoughts on “Keywriter is a German typewriter VST for PC.”

  1. you use a PC for Excel? – I have to say one of the only times I preferred a Mac version of an app to a PC version in my life is when I saw an early Office:Mac (the one that came in the cool transparent round box) – it was just great imo – I think it may actually have been the first Office:Mac – just after that ‘declaration of peace’ type address when Bill Gates spoke at Macworld (i think it was Macworld anyway eheh)

    1. For some reason the Macros I need to use won’t work properly (or work differently) on the Mac version of Office… a shame really because VMWare does slow down my computer sometimes quite a bit.

  2. Makes sense that ReWire cannot cross VMWare since it is an IPC library and VMWare would probably have to implement a proxy on either side. Regardless, my machine isn’t fast enough to get non-lagged input into Live in VMWare anyways – bouncing the track is probably a better idea anyways.

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