Warm weather means cool music tech T-shirts.


The next two days in New York be sunny and warm. My wife’s been pointing out all the holes in my favorite T-shirts. Therefore this post is for her and her wallet. Most of these prints are available on American Apparel shirts which means they fit well and are nice and soft. The classic and now fully hipsterized green Moog T? Could I be in full “Hawtin, bald, those black geek eyeglasses” Ableton T mode? Do I want to date myself with the Fairlight T? I love AD and Ohm Force but no one other than readers of this blog would have a clue what the prints mean (which is ok by me!).

Here’s the links:

Audio Damage T-Shirt
Moog T-Shirt
Ableton T-Shirt
Fairlight T-Shirt
Ohm Force T-Shirt

Bonus… Elektron T-Shirt

Which one do you want?


  1. I wouldnt get the MOOG t-shirt as people are far too likely to think you’re some ironic indie kid rather than a full on synthnerd in one of them (well thats what Id think anywayz lol)

    I have the plain older Ableont white on green t-shirt (with just the lines on it) – tbh I prefer that to this clips one, and seems as how I only ever use arrangement view I wouldnt be into that :p

    The AD one is nice, as is the Ohm one

    however the Fairlight would be the one for me I think.


  2. I like the ohm force one…but there is a shirt I would like to have much more than any others…unfortunately it’s sooo hard to get it in germany ;-)


  3. Moog t-shirt is quite cool in my opinion,i don’t care for what people think.
    Above all since i’m about to wear my Nintendo t-shirts nowadays (if it stops raining and get warmer than today :()
    Ohm one is cool too.


  4. yeh I suppose I should just wear a MOOG one anyway lol

    Im ashamed to say I actually have NO gaming t-shirts :s

    I have Rocket Arena Q3 one – thats it , but no Zelda, SEGA, Nintendo or SNK :(

    An SNK one would probably be my favourite to get if possible – or maybe Ikaruga or something…


  5. If you wore a Reason Tee more ppl would know what it is. Or a fruity loops..lols.


  6. Yeah,just wear whatever you like and don’t care for other people opinion.
    You are not asking them to wear.:)

    Hehe,games t-shirts are really difficult to find.Even in Japan i just found few Mario, Zelda and Pokemon t-shirt at Kotokubiya.

    Last time i’m been in NYC i found a nice Super Mario Bros. 3 t-shirt (it was an old Nintendo Power t-shirt).
    Here in Milan,they sells Sonic t-shirt in a big music store in the center.These are cool,but i’m not a Sonic fan,so i didn’t bought.
    SNK or Treasure t-shirt (Ikaruga makers) are really impossible to find,in my opinion…
    I will send you a link where you can find several Nintendo ones anyway.:)


  7. I’d go with the Fairlight shirt for sure. But the Moog one is rather nice.


  8. I’m all over the Moog T-shirt. The Ableton one is nice, but the colors are too much for me. Oh, and I’d love a FL Studio shirt – rock that DAW! I’d totally rock an old school looking Korg shirt as well if they made ’em.

    Right now all I wear are game T-shirts. Worked at EB a few years ago and took home a bunch of swag shirts – great stuff! Couple Link shirts and such. Hot Topic is a great place to buy gaming shirts, if you can stand the hipster/emo/goth teens, ugh.


  9. I really dig that Ableton Live session view shirt


  10. New Tee with Pierre Schaeffer on AD. Follow-up to the Delia Derbyshire shirt about a month back.
    Far more synth-nerdy if you ask me.

    I’m considering saving my money for the MBF Schlagzwerg though…


  11. I wish they’d come back out with the Moog soccer jersies.


  12. I was getting the minimug but….ikes! shipping rates are a little more expensive than what I tought ! :)


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