Jasuto is a modular synth for the iPhone and VST.


Quick Jasuto demonstration
from Jasuto on Vimeo.

James Bernard from Propellerhead Software sent me an email yesterday recommending a new iPhone (and VST) application called Jasuto. James said, “It’s like a reactable for Iphone… and it sounds KILLER.. plus if you go to his website he has a vst plug in version which is free. You can thank me later…”. Over at Jasuto.com under the demo videos someone wrote, “Impressive!! This is REALLY the future!!”. I have to say after watching the video above in full futuristic definitely comes to mind. Things go awesome at 1:25 in!

“There are several main design goals that I wanted to achieve with this.

The first goal was to make synth building fun and easy all while adding some unpredictability to the process. I’ve come up with some amazing sounds almost by accident in a lot cases that I would have never even thought of doing in a conventional synth.

The 2nd was to blur the line between patch and synth, so creating a synth should be no different (or any more difficult) than creating a patch.

The 3rd was to unify control and audio rate signals allowing everything to be a modulation or be modulated.

And finally I wanted to make sure that it was simple and efficient to add motion to a sound. So every node on the screen can record its own motion. For instance if you wanted to create a simple LFO for a chorus effect just grab the delays time constant click the record button and wiggle away. After you are done recording hit stop and it will auto-magically blend the loop points for you. All motion including the step sequencer are sync-able via triggers, more on this in the “Basics” section.

And that’s really what this is all about, it lets you explore soundscapes and make synths without even knowing it.”

Needless to say this app is sitting on my iPhone’s home screen and I’ve been glued to it. I’ll make a few videos of my own creations and post them this weekend. More importantly, I already have pieces of audio created with Jasuto I will definitely use in full songs.

For more info: www.jasuto.com

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5 thoughts on “Jasuto is a modular synth for the iPhone and VST.”

  1. Totally going to give this a shot. I don’t really care much about the iPhone aspect but a free VST is all good. I really like the concepts deployed here, lot’s of amazing possibilities!

    If it has the potential of using the iPhone as a controller that could be awesome and sounds like it’s planned. Although liberal use of airplane mode may need to be deployed to avoid having the phone blow away work when you get a phone call (and interference) … or just get an iPod Touch and use that … *shrug* … the phone locking itself could be a hassle too … hrm. Overall very cool!

    Thanks OH-EL-tothe-IVER!

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