Make Noise Music ModDemod.


MakeNoise ModDemod from Brandon Daniel on Vimeo.

Here’s a great module from Make Noise Music based on a “military radio communications technology… reclaimed for artistic purposes”. If I were at war I could see that blasting this audio toward the enemy would definitely confuse the hell out of them. I’ve been planning to build my own modular for years and whenever I find a module I know has to be included it goes into a special bookmarked folder. This baby is in!

“Welcome to the dumbest video ever of the ModDemod…” – Brandon Daniel

About $130. More info:

photo credit: bdu


  1. Note that the ModDemod is discontinued, pending a redesign. Mine snuck in as a part of the last available batch.


  2. That thing sounds awesome! :)

    there’s a nice article on modulars in this months SoundOnSound btw


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