PETA asks the Pet Shop Boys to change their name.


My wife won’t allow me to buy products by certain companies beacuse they test on animals. I love my pets and all creatures so I abide by her rules. Sometimes I wonder if the info she gets from Peta newsletters is correct though. If a company tested on animals in the 70’s are they still on the no list? I guess I could find out with some Google trolling. I know opinions on this kind of thing rank right below 9/11 conspiracys. Either way I think PETA’s official request to the Pet Shop Boys to change their name is completely retarded. In case you’re wondering my all time favorite Pet Shop Boys song is: I Want a Dog

The organization, the People for the Ethical Treatment for Animals (PETA), sent a letter to Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe acknowledging that its request, at first blush, might appear “bizarre.” But, by changing its name, the band could raise awareness at every tour stop of the “cramped, filthy conditions” that breeders keep animals in before selling them to pet stores, PETA said in its letter. – CNN

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14 thoughts on “PETA asks the Pet Shop Boys to change their name.”

  1. Yeah, brilliant. Spend a fuck load of money and time changing your name with all the PROs you’re part of, the various gov’t (tax) authorities, etc etc. Then write press releases in the hope that somebody’ll carry the story of how cracked you all are. Total evil genius.

    Pet Shop Boys is a mnemonic. It’s a brand that’s over 20 years old. When I hear the name or their music (which I spent a ton of my misspent youth dancing to) I think neither of pets nor shops nor (being straight) boys.

    Incidentally, naked supermodels is just as stupid an idea. Just much nicer to look at.

    (sorry for the rant, I do still love you and your blog :-)

  2. I don’t know. If it was the “Puppy Mill Boys” maybe…..

    I prefer ASPCA to alarmists like PETA. They work with the authorities to prosecute abusers. The commercial with “Arms of an Angel” by Sarah McLaughlin is very effective. The money I give them each year yields actual results instead of being used for shock tactics and publicity stunts. ASPCA is one of the most respectable charities out there. PETA’s reputation precedes them which is unfortunate given the compassionate mission at their core.

  3. While I applaud the sentiment behind the idea, I think its a bit too much to think that a band that has been around for 20 something years with record contracts up the ying yang, could actually change there name whether they wanted to or not, but hey look at Prince? Just for the record I am a vegetarian and believe that pet stores are crap but what would the Pet Shop Boys change there name too?
    Favorite Pet Shop Boys track is So Hard but I really love them all.

  4. While I think PETA’s heart is in the right place and I’m all for animal rights, I certainly can’t see the Pet Shop Boys seriously entertaining the idea of a name change. Still PETA have done their bit, people are talking about it, they’re getting publicity. It’s a win for them regardless of Neil & Chris’s reply I suppose ;-) No such thing as bad press and all that…

    Fave PSB track – We All Feel Better In The Dark.

  5. I thought the Pet Shop Boys was a gay euphemism for emm – well ye know hamster’s and shit :s – that is probably just an urban legend from when I was a teenager though

    that shit definitely needs PETA on the case though – (the ‘euphemism’)…

      1. lol yeh – its up there with the ‘famous person gets stomach pumped from copious amounts of human (or horse) ‘stuff” and the ‘famous person gets rib removed for self-fellation’ ones o_O

  6. ASPCA for the win on this one. I spend time outside of my musical life as an attorney, occasionally research and assisting with animal rights stuff. From the large amount of exposure I’ve had to PETA, they come off as little better than a terrorist organization with some of the shit they pull.

  7. I went over to the PETA website to rant and rail and they juts emailed me the following:

    “PETA Europe’s request that the band change its name to the Rescue Shelter Boys was a tongue-in-cheek way to draw attention to pet shops’ contribution to the animal overpopulation crisis. ”

    Still, is this really an effective use of resources? I still think they’re fringe zealots.

  8. PETA is funded by the big beef producers in the United States in order to discredit more sensible and reasonable animal welfare organizations.

    I mean, did PETA think it was really a good public relations campaign to put up billboards with pictures of serial killer victims (without the families permissions), along with pictures of pigs in a slaughter house, comparing the two? Of course not. It totally makes animal welfare activists look like assholes – which is in fact PETA’s primary goal.

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