Apple Computer Midi Training from 1987

I just finished two weeks of training at my new job. I came across this video while reading my loved RSS feed from the super synth blog Matrixsynth. I can only imagine if this were my training video. At 4:17 you get a look at an early version of Motu’s Performer software. In 1987 I was seventeen years old and just starting out with an Atari 520ST and Dr. T’s KCS.

Anyone know how much this Mac set up cost back then?

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10 Responses to “Apple Computer Midi Training from 1987”

  1. Raytrace says:

    awesome – this is tickin all the right boxes: DX-7 piano, Peter Gunn/Spy Hunter, floppy drives and dodgy hait :D

  2. Raytrace says:

    edit – I just realised shes not playing the DX-7 lol – its the D-50 :p- haha awesome pitch bending on the ‘guitar’ type patch :D

  3. Kent Sandvik says:

    I actually for a short time was the MIDI/audio Developer technical support engineer at Apple. One way to get the Korg keyboard to my cubicle…

  4. ifrix says:


    It’s an Apple Macintosh … it was yours for 2 495 $ when it was released in 1984 ;)
    But maybe it’s an Apple Macintosh 521k wich was yours for 3195 $ in 1984 too (same design).

    ps: greatz from Brussels (Belgium)

  5. Nathan says:

    Aside from the cool retro gear – I love her monotone delivery!

  6. Mike says:

    I just found out a little while ago that my neighbor used to be friends with Dr. T. Neat!

  7. Jafafa Hots says:

    Thanks for linking to my vids. Now I know it was worth transferring that old Apple VHS tape. I figured someone would find this interesting!

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