Musikmesse 2009 Videos

See more of the Steinberg Messe09 episodes: click here

Our friend Jürgen shows Sonic State the new Mbase 11: click here

Nick from Sonic State visits Sherman: click here

A look at the Focal booth (these are great speakers): click here

A bit of German chat at with Dieter Doepfer: click here

If you can speak German check out Musotalk’s look at the new Waldorf Largo software synth: click here. These are just a few of the videos I found that peaked my gearlust antennae. There’s no need for me to repost too many here as you can troll tons of show videos with a few simple searches in the usual places. Hit me with any links to videos if you find something you thought was extra interesting!


  1. Mbase 11 looks like a good bit of fun. I’ve had big respect for Jomox ever since I picked up a T-Resonator, which has to be one of the coolest pieces of gear I’ve ever owned.


  2. yeh the new compressor seems to be very handy and good sounding from what I could tell


  3. Nice video of the mbase11. I’ve been thinking in buying that one. Anyone has tested that?


    1. I have the MBase01 and love it. In general software can’t touch a real analog kick drum. If you have a 909 you may not need an Mbase.


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