The Horrorist Live report from Stuttgart, Germany

Mike & Oliver Chesler before the show. from thingstocome on Vimeo.

The Horrorist Live – Stuttgart, Germany – 2009 from thingstocome on Vimeo.

And a few photos…

Let me know if you would like more video discussion posts. I’m thinking more is a good thing solely to give my typing fingers a break once and a while. Sorry the audio in the live show is distorted. I just pieced together a bunch of clips of the show I found on YouTube. I had a great time!

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Oliver Chesler

"Hello my name is Oliver and I'm going to tell you a story." I have been recording music since 1989 under the name The Horrorist. I have released over 60 singles and 4 full length albums. To hear my music please go to:

3 thoughts on “The Horrorist Live report from Stuttgart, Germany”

  1. I think both video and classic discussion posts are interesting,so you should post video without worries when you feel to do it.

    …also because there is always some nice looking girl among your crowd :D

  2. wow man even at low-res with shitty sound you can see that gig looks great

    I have to say it is really impressive how you manage to bring energy to the performance, even while keeping an eye on the laptop (and indeed using a laptop) – also you’re not above the crowd in elevation , which for a lot of people Id say would make it harder to get it going aswell – but that was totally intense still :)

    great stuff :D

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