Checking in 123.


I always think a blog post that says “Sorry for the lack of updates.” to be a lame no no. However, it’s 7:45AM and since I have to run off to work after 2 shows in Europe (and SIX flights) there’s just enough time this morning for a coffee and this blurb. I have a ton of video, photos and stories from Dresden and Stuttgart to share with you but getting that online will have to wait until tonight. I haven’t even checked my RSS feeder in four days… oh god 1000+ (Google Reader joke).

How was your weekend?

photo credit: joe-in-japan


  1. Hope your flight back was fine and you enjoyed the shows.
    Well my week-end was quite shitty in Germany…
    Thankfully i had opportunity to visit Leipzig a little bit and it turn to be an interesting city and people there is nice.

    Don’t overdo with work :D


    1. Were you there working on music with someone? Why did it go bad?


      1. It was about my music,but with some people not related to music…anyway nothing to worry about,i made it just for money…
        It’s just a real pity i couldn’t come at Prag on sunday.

        I will explain you everything on private,if you don’t mind.


  2. Whenever I come back from a long weekend or vacation, seeing that 1000+ in Google Reader is daunting. Sometimes hitting ‘Mark All As Read’ can be somewhat of a stress reliever ;-)


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