Checking in 123.


I always think a blog post that says “Sorry for the lack of updates.” to be a lame no no. However, it’s 7:45AM and since I have to run off to work after 2 shows in Europe (and SIX flights) there’s just enough time this morning for a coffee and this blurb. I have a ton of video, photos and stories from Dresden and Stuttgart to share with you but getting that online will have to wait until tonight. I haven’t even checked my RSS feeder in four days… oh god 1000+ (Google Reader joke).

How was your weekend?

photo credit: joe-in-japan

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4 thoughts on “Checking in 123.”

  1. Hope your flight back was fine and you enjoyed the shows.
    Well my week-end was quite shitty in Germany…
    Thankfully i had opportunity to visit Leipzig a little bit and it turn to be an interesting city and people there is nice.

    Don’t overdo with work :D

      1. It was about my music,but with some people not related to music…anyway nothing to worry about,i made it just for money…
        It’s just a real pity i couldn’t come at Prag on sunday.

        I will explain you everything on private,if you don’t mind.

  2. Whenever I come back from a long weekend or vacation, seeing that 1000+ in Google Reader is daunting. Sometimes hitting ‘Mark All As Read’ can be somewhat of a stress reliever ;-)

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