Saying goodbye to my favorite nightclub.

Triebwerk - The Horrorist

Today I fly to Germany to perform two live shows this weekend. Friday night I play at Triebwerk in Dresden. Dresden is probably the only German city I have not been to. I land early Friday morning so I’m looking forward to checking out the city. During World War II it was mostly destroyed and later the city was re-built to look almost like it was never bombed. I’m playing with a friend of mine Swedish techno producer Johan Afterglow. I met Johan in New York City in the late 90s and one night he saved my life (long story!). It’s true that if someone does save your life you never forget it. Last year when I was living in Berlin I put some vocals on a few of his songs. My favorite of the bunch was one we did called Incinerate (iTunes).

There is one nightclub I performed at more than any other. It’s called Club Prag and I must have dropped a bucked of sweat there about twenty times over the past decade. This Stuttgart club fit my music persona perfectly. The walls are red, the ceiling is low with speakers shooting at you right above ear level. It’s the right size, when you stand on stage you can see and scream at everyone in the place.

The Horrorist Live at Club Prag

This weekend they close the doors forever. Club Prag will open on Friday night and stay open until Sunday evening. My set time is 11:00 AM Sunday. There’s no doubt it’s going to be a lunatic asylum and I’m more than happy to provide the soundtrack. I’ve met some of my best friends in that small place. The owner Alex and the different promoters who booked me year after year have always been generous with my fee, great hotels and unlimited booze. Club Prag is already a legendary place and I am so pleased to have been part of it.

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7 thoughts on “Saying goodbye to my favorite nightclub.”

  1. Prag is closing? What a pity,that was really a nice club.
    Dresden is a nice city,they call it “the Florence on Elba”.
    Althought have not world famous architecture like Florence,is quite interesting place and people is very friendly.
    Definitely it worth to be seen.

    I am over there too this week end (in Leipzig) for something related to a commercial…long history…
    Have a nice flight.

  2. I moved to Dresden one and a half years ago and I love that city. I haven’t been there before and I always likes Berlin a lot for its colorful mix of people, clubs and so on. Dresden is somewhat like a small Berlin to me. One thing I realized quickly was that the people there are very nice. Laidback, down-to-earth and openminded.

    The bad thing is that I am NOT in Dresden for this weekend… Otherwise I would have come to the gig for sure. But I bet it’s gonna be great without me too ;)

    Have fun, Oliver!

  3. He saved your life huh… I wanna hear that shit…

    I saved some passed out chic from totally getting gangraped at a Lenny Dee show at CB’s… I remember one of the fucks face too…an ugly short fuck I constantly seen at many clubs and raves…showed up once to a dayparty with a hooker trying to sell pussy and H.

    Prag looks like a cross between CB’s and the basement at Speed.

  4. I’ve heard a few stories from people who had the chance to visit that club. Sounded like a lot of fun, especially from the perspective of the performer. I’m afraid I can’t claim to have saved anyone’s life (that I know of).

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