Wiener Dog On A Minimoog

Um… ok. I don’t really have anything to add to this. Well I can add that I’ve been watching Milo this week while my mother is on vacation in Florida and he’s living up to his song. Every night at around 3:00AM deer show up in our backyard so Milo decides to go freakin nuts barking. He also decided to roll in squirrel droppings for some reason. It was a new experience taking a shower with a dog cover in feces. I used an entire bottle of baby shampoo.

“√úter the amazing wiener dog loves to lick peanut butter off of a minimoog. If you like the sound of the Minimoog’s third oscillator, you should try it with peanut butter smeared on the knob.” –

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  1. Dachshund on Moog: Perfect Saturday fodder


  2. I love what you publish. This one, how ever, is not so great.

    Make the artists* address available to the public and I can assure you that people will “speak” to them.


    * I use artist with extreme liberty


  3. Dogs love rolling in the most disgusting stuff. It hides their scent. :)

    This dog is in love with the mogue… cleaning it lolz. :)


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