D16 announces TR-606 clone Nithonat.

D16 Nithonat

I love the D16 drum machine clones. Drumazon and Nepheton have the Roland TR-909 and TR-808 covered respectively. With careful mixing you can fool almost anyone into believe you have the original expensive hardware boxes. Certain aspects of these software counterparts kill their hardware companions such as a random function and swing adjustment. Happily today D16 announced their next drum machine clone will be for the Roland TR-606. Nithonat is “coming soon” and will be available for Mac or PC in AU or VST.

For more info: d16.pl

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9 thoughts on “D16 announces TR-606 clone Nithonat.”

  1. yeh d16 are great – I have Devastor and Phoscyon and I love em – although I do think Phosyons manual is a bit confusing (I actually still cant program it using it’s own sequencer :s), but it’s sound is incredible and the lovely built in mini distortion is great too. Really looking forward to this too. I have been intending to get Drumazon and Nephaton for a while too, although I recently got the LITE version of Waldorf Attack drum machine free with my Nio 2|4 and its great sounding especially for those watery 808y kicks.

      1. yeh Devastor can make some really nice crunchy sounds -plus you can kinda create multiple buildupy bits by bringing up the 3 bands seperately
        my fave distortion(ish) plugs are:

        UAD Nigel
        TC Filtroid
        TC Tubifex

  2. I learned to program drums on a 606 that I got for $50 (!). Someone had modded it so it had separate outputs on a breakout box and it had every scrap of documentation, the vinyl case and was in great condition. Course I sold it like I have all the other great gear Ive had over the years. Always loved the sound of that box more than any other. Ive been waiting for someone to do a VI version. Im so happy about this. Thanks for the heads up.

  3. Nice, once this comes out i may seriously consider getting the whole bundle. I played around with all their products as far as i recall, all excellent quality, love their distortions and decimator, excellent tone quality that nails the warm and swooning feel of old hardware. It’s funny how with the amazing power of digital technology today we strive for emulating gear from decades ago but hey, it works for me! D16 have got my back for Acid traxx :D

  4. To bad they make Nithonat and Phoscyon look like some toy Casio VL-1.
    I really hope there will be skins coming to make them look more like the real hardware.

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