Sunday Sounds: Love makes you want to kill.


Growing up I thought Willie Nelson was an old fluffy duffy singer. The only song I knew he did was “On the Road Again”. When I aged to the point of understanding life a bit more I discovered an album Willie recorded called “Teatro”. Produced by Daniel Lanois with many of the songs backed up by Emmylou Harris this album is one of my all time favorites. The song that made me played it a hundred times in a row is called “I Just Can’t Let You Say Goodbye”. It’s a heart breaking tune that tells a story of a man’s last encounter with a woman he loved. If you never had your heart smashed into a million pieces well then you probably won’t get this song at all. Nevertheless, you should enjoy the great studio work here.

“What force behind your evil mind can let your lips speak so unkind to one who loves as much as I I just can’t let you say goodbye.” – Willie Nelson, I Just Can’t Let You Say Goodbye

This is one of those albums that every single song adds to the album’s worth. I bet if you listen to this a few times you will think of Willie in a different light. The lyrics, slide guitar and Emmylou’s voice are so wonderfully haunting. Take a listen:

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4 thoughts on “Sunday Sounds: Love makes you want to kill.”

  1. You put the Willie in Willie Nelson.

    Ponytailed Assclown Teahead.

    He’s like William Burroughs minus 9/10 of Keith Richards.

    The only good thing about him will be that when he finally does die Joaquin Pheonix will stop perpetrating his current publicity stunt and play Nelson in a Biopic.

    Its all about Kenny Rogers!!!

    Totally kidding, love the Blog and the Willie Nelson.

  2. Growing up in the 80’s I’ve got “You were always on my mind” and “To all the girls I’ve loved before” burned in my brain. Eeks.

    Married 4 times, 8 children… no wonder he’s got heartbreaking songs to write.

  3. Willie Nelson is teh awesome – I met him once and he was a very polite, humble man (and tiny lol)

    Ronnie: – he also used to get beaten up by his wife apparently, so add that to the list :p

    I think ‘Angel Flying To Close To The Ground’ is a beautiful song. Also ‘Nightlife’ is great, actually there aint much Willie Nelson I dont like, although live sometimes his phrasing can get a little too ‘artistic’ (to the extent that he’s usually still on the last section eheh), then again if you played the same songs for that long you might want to change em a bit :D

  4. PS = theres a really good, really OTT string orchestra accompanied version of ‘Always On My Mind’ somewhere – I cant remember what the albums called, but I think the whole thing is done with an orchestra

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