The fully analog elkorus BBD chorus.


The hardware unit you see above is a synth pad beautifier. It’s a fully analog string ensemble effect unit using a “bucket-brigade device” chorus. I’m in love with the BBD in my Vermona DRM1 MKIII so anytime I see hardware with BBD on it I look closer. If you want to see the synth that inspired this sound and many a New Wave acts check out the Arp Solina String Ensemble. The video below gets you an idea of the sound but take a listen to some high quality samples over at Matrixsynth: click here

With some proper mixing and finesse you can get software plug-ins to sound close but alas it’s not the same. I think it depends how key your lead synth pad with this effect is to your song. I want to note that I do really like GForce software’s VSM: click here

The elkorus is 390 Euro. For more info:

via Matrixsynth

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9 thoughts on “The fully analog elkorus BBD chorus.”

  1. WoW!
    This thing sounds awesome!
    I first heard it a few months ago and have been lusting over it ever since!
    String machines really depend on the chorus part to sound like strings, without it (when it can be turned off), they really sound sterile.

  2. jb, read the cool story on the gforce page… i think string machines were never meant to be played without the chorus. describing the dry sound as ‘sterile’ is putting it mildly… :-)

    anyway, this sounds pretty good. but i can’t stop thinking… 390 euros buys me gforce’s vsm + the soundtoys bundle. i would be able to do a lot more damage with those 2. of course, if you want a perfect string synth, vsm will maybe only take you 85% there. and it depends on what you do whether that is enough.

  3. It got MIDI i/o? thats what the electrix boxes where wonderful for in addition to their sound. Fully cc control from Abey Abes.

    Upon glance of that elkorus it reminds me of the old joemeek stuff. Tiny rack channel strips that sound fuckin awesome. Im in the market for a mid price ranged mixer but I’m afraid it wont come close to the sound of the joemeek.

  4. VSM is nice but it’s not the real thing, most string synths were paraphonic, and that hasn’t been duplicated in VSM.
    I’ve only tried it briefly, and it did sound close, but compared to the Rs-09, it sounded flat.

    I don’t think I’d use midi automation on this if it had it, it’s more of a set it and forget type of effect.

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