54 pain sounds for your iPhone.


I know this is dumb but for some reason I felt like telling you about it. There is a new and completely strange iPhone app called Sounds of Pain. Here’s part of the the developer’s description: “Need to express a slight pain or minor displeasure? Tap one of the top three rows. In slightly more pain? Tap one of the middle three rows. Experiencing pain the likes of which you have never known before? Tap one of the bottom three rows.”. So you get 54 pain sounds of which you can tap to play a single sound or drag your finger to play multiple sounds. You can also shake the iPhone for a random sound.


So what pains you in the studio? Headaches from reading tiny eq numbers in Pro-Tools? Back pain from sitting for 12 hours straight? Frustration pains from Cubase crashing? Ear pain from forgetting to disarm monitoring before turning your speakers back on? Girl friend pain for forgetting she’s more important than your Moog?

By the way, see the photo on top? The one with the guy and all those prescriptions. He actually takes all those pills! For the story: click here

photo credit: Chuckumentary

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