A monthly plan to synthesizer heaven.


Let’s say you want a giant modular synthesizer. You know the one with all the knobs and wires hanging off it. But alas you don’t have big bucks. But everyone can scrounge up $120 a month right? Well if you can handle that then you can get yourself Synthesizer.com modular. It will take you some time to build up a slick sounding beast as Roger Arrick’s Texas company sends you a new module each month. However, the installment plan could part of the fun. An advantage of getting a module a month is you’re likely to focus a full 30 days on each new piece of your sound puzzle. Down the road be sure to add a Q119 Sequential Controller Sequencer to your system!


Here’s a few links to mp3’s I liked off their site: Deconstruction site PWM Demo Ring Mod Sequence

What modules would you add?


  1. anything from cwejman is pure blissss


  2. Rumour I heard is you can make any sounds for the first 3 months.


  3. Wow, this idea is pretty ingenious.

    That Guido MP3 is off the planet. Like a fart on DMT!



  4. Kinda funny that you mentioned this. I just got my last module in a couple of days ago for my monthly plan from them.
    Pretty happy with it so far. Probably going to add another oscillator and a sequencer in the next couple of months.
    Just don’t limit yourself to one brand when it comes to modulars. Mixing and matching is half of the fun.


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