Drumcomputer MFB-522.


New drum machine alert! Wait even better: New ANALOG drum machine alert! MFB in Berlin named after the man behind these toys Manfred Fricke has announced an update to the nice sounding MFB-502. I have friends with the 502 and it’s been on my “gonna grab” list. These machines are not kick drum monsters like a Jomox but they have gorgeous analog snares and hats. There’s rarely a reason to touch the eq after recording these drum machine into your DAW. The best part here? The new MFB-522 is 280€. 16 fach Step Sequencer included!

Visit the official MFB-522 page: click here

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9 thoughts on “Drumcomputer MFB-522.”

  1. This thing looks great, but they also look a little fragile, I’ve never heard one in real life, I was considering buying the MFB-503 for awhile, but I got lucky and found an even more desirable classic Roland drum machine.

    These remain interesting because they don’t claim to clone anything and have their own sound.

  2. I am a hugely supportive loyal MFB fan/user for 6 years now.
    I currently use MFB Synth 2/Synth LITE/STEP-64/MFB Filter (but have had other MFB’s) .
    The Synth 2 gets the most attention. Love it and works fine (even though the tight MIDI sync is a millisecond behind like mostly all MFB units made).
    Had the MFB drumcomputer 502 briefly. It was very hissy in a bad way but still sounded very nice however the parts got worse quickly with crackiling and stiff knobs after 2 weeks of use so had to get a replacement but that too suffered the same problems and the midi sync was also off like the rest…not good).
    Recently bought the MFB 503. Sounded great and worked great. Returned it though due to the casing being cut wrong and the board slightly exposed. Although I never have a problem when I need to return dodgy MFB gear either to MFB or Thomann I am getting sick of my love affair with my MFB gear as for every piece of kit I ever bought I nearly always needed 1 or 2 replacements until I got a perfect condition unit.
    Hopefully the new 522 eliminates all the very common crackly knob probs found on a lot of its similar brother the 502. Hopefully the MIDI sync is ‘perfect’ now too and hopefully its ‘hissy outs are now clean’ (like ACHIEVED on the 503).
    I love MFB stuff as it sounds great, feels great and works great (when it actually works!).

  3. question for Oliver…..how do you like the sounds compared to the vermona drm1…. I got one of those and love it, but the sequencer on the 522 would be nice….I can’t afford both…..do you think it’s worth selling the vermona for this?

    1. No I wouldn’t sell a Vermona for this MFB. I’m in love with mine. I think the DRM1 has a high class sound… super punchy. Besides a real 808 it could be one of the best sounding drum machines ever… especially if you’re into real analog goodness. I agree a sequencer would be nice though. Save your beans and get both!

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