A new 49 Key Version of the Axis by C-Thru.


I love tools that trigger inspiration. Regardless of whether it’s software, hardware or a broken heart it doesn’t matter. A quick moment of “AH HA!” usually can take you to 90% on your way to a finished song. I’ve been eying the Axis keyboard from C-Thru Music for some time. It’s an Harmonic Table keyboard, midi controller. There is a new 49 key version will cost you a bit less than $500. I can’t help thinking Harmonic Tables will be great when touch screens become the norm on laptops.

“C-Thru Music has lent me this keyboard, called the AXIS, for a few months, and I am rearranging the keys for the Bohlen-Pierce Scale, a macrotuning based on a 3/1 frequency ratio, divided by 13 equal steps. See http://www.ziaspace.com/elaine/BP for research on the BP Scale.

This particular AXIS toured with the Lionel Richie Band on loan, went to me, and in two weeks I will be flying to Boston to give this AXIS to the Berklee College of Music, Synthesis Department – namely to Dr. Boulanger who will use it for his classes and for the new microtonal club.” – miselaineeous

For more info: www.c-thru-music.com

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  1. Thanks Oliver, I’ve never heard of this controller and am really kind of psyched about it. If you go to their website theres some great tutorials on how to use it and how its layed out.

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