Bandcamp adds Download Codes to Moo cards.

Bandcamp Download Codes Screencast from Ethan Diamond on Vimeo.

Bandcamp added a great new feature to its service this week called Download Codes. It’s a great way for artists selling music on Bandcamp to offer freebies. To take the concept over the “Web 2.0” top they integrated Moo cards into the fold. I love Moo cards and Ethan from Bandcamp says this is one of the first integrations of the new Moo API. I like the idea of taking a Moo card with a Bandcamp promo code on it and then attaching it as a label on a T-Shirt your band could sell at a show.

Have any of you guys been using Bandcamp?

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  1. Bandcamp added a great new feature to it’s service this week

    Possessive ITS has NO apostrophe GRRRRR ;-)


  2. Hey! I’ve been using it for the last little while – yet to manage to draw too much traffic to it, but early days I guess. Seems a great service to get things out there.


  3. Actually they just officially launched version 1.0.
    I’ve been using since its first week and so far every update makes me happier and happier. These guys are really incredible.
    My Bandcamp page is


  4. emma ruth rundle April 22, 2011 at 6:25 pm

    I love you.


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