Tom from New Zealand gives and got back.

Tom Cosm always gave his music away for free. When his life went online he gave his music away and also started giving away free sounds and tutorials. When Tom’s computer died many of the people who enjoyed all the free gifts from Tom helped him out. I really liked the video above. I’m sitting in the center of Manahatan as a write this so seeing a nice New Zealand landscape is going down well with my coffee. Also quite cool is to see a few N.Z. techno parties. It’s a nice feel good story and it’s well needed in the music “business”. Tom printed all his contributors names in a tag cloud on the cover of his new Macbook.

“In the last 24 hours, Well over 1000 USD was raised to help get me a new Macbook. I am both amazed and overwhelmed with gratitude. Thankyou thankyou thankyou to those who chipped in to make this possible. I’ve had to stop accepting money for the Mac… I now have enough to not only purchase it, but upgrade it to it’s highest specs! (and probably get a nice carry bag) How exciting.” –

Tom Cosm – Making a bassline sit well with a Kick from Tom Cosm on Vimeo.

If your looking for a few tips, tricks, sounds or tunes why not stop off at Tom Cosm’s place:

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5 Responses to “Tom from New Zealand gives and got back.”

  1. jewel says:

    He is a hardworking, generous and kind man.
    Thank you to all who chipped in from Tom’s Mum

  2. Tom’s a fantastic guy that seriously deserves WAY more attention than he’s gotten. I’ve learned a lot from his ways of approaching music making and playing live.

    Of particular interest to me was this video:

    It’s a great approach to transferring from studio to live with very little fuss and a lot of flexibility.

  3. Blinky says:

    Love Tom, great guy and awesome live act

  4. Rod says:

    Quite sure you dont want a geriatric drummer Tom to help you keep the rhythym??

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