Mark Ephraim’s studio and Waves GTR Ground.

Mark Ephraim - Recording Studio

As promised I took the Waves GTR Ground unit that was sent to me over to an actual guitarist’s studio. Mark Ephraim is one of the best musician/producers I know. His music has “that sound” you want from rock and roll. He has a wide range going from retro all the way to commercial pop. Take a look and listen and some of Mark’s projects:

Mark Ephraim looks at Waves GTR Ground. from wiretotheear on Vimeo.

I took a nice set of photos of some of Mark’s amazing gear including stuff from API, ARP, Ibanez, Adam, Akai, Roland, MXR, etc… He rides the good balance of outboard gear and Pro-Tools ITB goodies. Check out the full set on flickr: click here

Mark Ephraim - Recording Studio

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5 thoughts on “Mark Ephraim’s studio and Waves GTR Ground.”

  1. This thing makes me want to learn guitar.
    Although that’s only the second MIDI foot controller I’ve ever seen and it looks absolutely amazing. Could be very worthwhile for turntablists and controllerists, too. I want one.

  2. cool foot controller! but i would never use any of those shitty sounds from that thing if you want digital guitar sound get guitar rig3 (vst) or eleven from digidesign

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