Vocoder Setup in Propellerhead Reason 4


Tonight’s homework is to throw some vocoder into a track. If you own Propellerheads Reason 4 you have a great vocoder. The video above shows you how to set it up. Can anyone name the tunes playing?

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8 thoughts on “Vocoder Setup in Propellerhead Reason 4”

  1. it would be a whole lot cooler if reason could accept live audio. that one thing has kept me away. do they still bar incoming live audio from entering?

  2. second what mr.magic says.

    to me, the vocoder in reason sounds great but is horribly crippled by the lack of audio ins. that was some great design on propellerheads’ part.

    it does however, make a great audio-to-cv converter for audio triggering filters and delays, etc.

    i dont want to make it sound like im bashing reason, becuase im not. i love it, but i would love it even more if it had proper audio interfacing.

  3. I think if they added audio recording it would become just another buggy, slow-running app like anything else out there. One thing I love about Reason is how efficiently it runs. It interfaces well with Ableton, Cubase, Logic etc anyway. I hope they leave it alone.

  4. Reason’s Thor is a bomb! It can be easily used as an audio phase inverter and audio\cv converter (or cv\audio), but it cannot extract pitch from audio signal to use it as CV (to make synthesizers sing after my voice) Remember some Kraftwerk vocals like ‘Ja tvoi sluga..’ or ‘Odin, dva, tri…’ ? I thought it was done by a pitch wheel)) Nope! That was a pitch\cv-converter

  5. shagrake: i don’t want audio recording. i simply want a set of audio ins so i can run reasons effects with outside sound sources in rewire or realtime. i don’t think that would put too much of a load on any system especially if its all done through rewire.

  6. For LIVE vocoder, instal REWUSCHEL(included with the sound driver called ASIO4ALL), then, in reason, select the Asio4all as a audio car driver, then, in reason, open a new project, create a complete vocoder set, create a rebirth audio imput, plug the output as a modulator, and…. VOILA!

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