Waves GTR Solo on drums, synths and vocals.

Waves GTR Solo on Drums, Synths & Vocals. from wiretotheear on Vimeo.

My friend Tal Shoshani at Waves asked me to take a closer look at GTR Solo and their large metal hardware unit GTR Ground. In the video above I discover I like GTR quite a lot. I run GTR through a few Roland TR-606 patterns, a synth line and my voice. Next week I will bring the GTR Ground to Mark Ephraim’s studio and let some real guitarist’s at it.

For more info: wavesgtr.com


  1. Man, that spring reverb sounded very cool on the drum part. Thanks for the demo, I think I’ll go check this out!


  2. Is this blog post sponsored by Waves?


  3. Yeah the Spring reverb and flange part came out Kraftwerk like… nice sound.

    Hi JB… no it’s not sponsored or an advert… Tal just emailed me and asked if I would take a look. I’m not getting paid anything.


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