We are going to make an explosion sound.


There are white noise bursts one could call an explosion. Then there are perfectly formed digital meets analog snappy explosions done right. Let the attack begin!

Check list: Quad multi-mode gate (CHECK!). Zorlon Cannon (CHECK!). QMMG Module (CHECK!). Voltage Controlled Slope Generator(CHECK!). Block of pork (CHECK!). Kid ready to stomp on something (CHECK!).

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For more info: makenoisemusic.com


  1. Lol that’s cool. I hope when I have kids they’ll be as excited by buttons and noise as I am! Although I’m preeetty sure he said ‘block of CORK’, not ‘pork’…. we could try pork………


  2. Oh man I must have been hungry when I wrote this post!


  3. Pretty cool vid. I heard some nice drum design possibilities in there :)


  4. Makenoisemusic.com caught using child labor to produce “simple analog explosions”.
    Please boycott :P


  5. The legendary Scott Walker actually used pork when recording his latest record, The Drift from 2006. On the trailer you can see them beating on flesh to get the right kind of sound. You can see the trailer for the movie here:


    The pork beating is about 3:10 in.


  6. How does that trigger work? I’ve seen it in a video before and would really like one but with no electronics knowledge I don’t even know where to start.


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