Sunday Sounds: Awesome Bent Keytar

Here’s a Keytar with “testículos de acero”… I will let you do the Spanish to English translation. The man behind this creation is a Circuit Bending pro who works under the project name ASMO (Anti Social Musik Order). For more info on ASMO:

“A friend found this in a skip, broken with wires hanging out. I fixed it, made a few modifications and gave it a nice black paint job.” – eddie23a

I wonder if he would sell me this one. I could use this on stage for sure.


  1. thats fucking insane!!!


  2. Real guitars are for pussies huh??
    Say that shit to MY face!


  3. Books & Backpack February 16, 2009 at 8:23 am

    Real guitars will get you Real pussy.


  4. A keytar should have at least a MIDI out port or a CV output for analog keytar like a Moog Liberation. As keytars usually have limited number of keys, the most being four octaves, an octave up and down switch is essential to cover wider ranges from bass to leads. Potential buyers should check the positions of controls such as volume knobs or wheels, pitch bend, modulation and others and see if they are ergonomically placed. Players should have the easiest access possible to expression controls. A player should also check if the included AC adaptor is working properly . It is also important to check if a keytar can use batteries for alternative power. Synth-type keytars also have output jacks and these should be checked for proper working order.


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