Sync Traktor Pro and Ableton Live using IAC.

Connect Ableton Live and Traktor Pro from Zettt on Vimeo.

People always ask me if it’s better to DJ with NI Traktor or Ableton Live. If I am making a mix that will be released as a CD/album I usually do it slowly in Ableton Live (aka not real time). If I am in front of an audience I would definitely use Traktor. Honestly, I never considered using them both at the same time until I came across the video above from Zettt.

“This video shows how you can connect Ableton Live and Traktor Pro on your Mac. It uses Soundflower from Cycling74 and Mac OS’ integrated IAC Driver.” – Zettt

While on the computer DJ subject a friend of mine let me play around with his M-Audio Xponent and Torq software and I loved it.

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6 thoughts on “Sync Traktor Pro and Ableton Live using IAC.”

  1. Traktor Pro is amazing. I mixed for nine hours yesterday and the only problems I had were due to human error. I used SoundFlower and a DV camera to broadcast my mix to a house party on the other side of the country via Mogulus and it went off without a hitch.

    The one thing Traktor doesn’t do so well is effects, which is where this sort of internal wiring comes in really handy.

  2. I used them together at a few shows, though I was using Traktor Scratch so I just routed the output of Live out of the Audio 8 DJ and into channel 3 of my mixer. Using the AIC MIDI Driver is a neat trick tho.

  3. Hey Oliver,

    Good job duder, any idea if this sunflower software can allow me to sync 2 laptops running traktor 3 by sending and receiving midi?

  4. Cool video, very good information.

    I have a question: can this be done to play with Traktor Scratch Pro? i.e can I do this setup and play with the audio 8 dj interface and the timecode vinyls??

    Please tell me how…. thanks!!

  5. Hi! my name is Larry and i am from Honduras, there is not much people who know about audio software in this place so i am searching for a way to route Traktor Scratch Pro through Ableton Live to use VST and keep using Timecode, this is my setup:

    1x Macbook 2.4 4gb Ram OSX

    1x Traktor Scrath Pro (audio 8, 2 multicore, 2 vinyl,usb etc…)

    1x Ableton Live

    1x Vestax mixer

    2x Technics sl 1200

    I would apreciate some Help, thank you

  6. Hi there,

    Cheers for this its great however im having problems, Alot of Audio Glitching and crashes (First time ever for my new mac pro!)

    Im running 4gig latest mac pro
    Traktor Scratch Pro
    Ableton Live 7
    Motu Traveler MK3
    Core Audio

    I cant work out why it keep dropping out and crashing could it be a core Audio problem do I need a different driver?

    any help would be grat

    cheers guys

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