Don’t touch me. Well ok but use this first.


Today just a heads-up on something useful I discovered. Living in New York City I am a bit obsessive about washing my hands. Every time I walk in the apartment I head right to the bathroom and shock my hands with blazing hot water and industrial strength soap. A side-effect of all my paranoia is the skin on my hands gets crazy dry. Therefore, my bathroom ritual ends with a decent slather of moisturizer. My routine was all fine and dandy until the day I bought and iPhone. My silky moisturized fingers turned into iPhone screen paint brushes aka streak city! I tried an anti-glare screen protector but after a few weeks I realized it made my screen dull.

My usual moisterizer ran out and by pure luck I picked up the “Gold Bond Ultimate healing” tube you see above. I was surprised to see I wasn’t getting any more iPhone streaks and took a look at the tube to find sure enough “Non-Greasy” is a feature. This little tidbit in my life made me so dam pleased I thought I’d tell you all today.


  1. yo i use the same cream! i had crazy dry skin on my knuckles that was causing my skin to peel. no other cream worked, until this one. it’s awesome.


  2. If Gary Numan had a blog, would he blog about skin cream? Vince Clarke?

    Hm. Yeah, probably.
    My iPhone screen is disgusting.


  3. Is NY that dirty?


  4. I suffer from greasy iPhone screen as well and have recently stopped using hand cream all together.. which has fixed the iPhone screen problem but not my hands. I’ll give this cream a shoot, thanks for the off-topic help!


  5. Blimey, Gold Bond should throw a couple of bucks your way. Based on your glowing review, I went out and bought some. You’re right, no more greasy fingers on my MacBook Pro.


  6. I’m surprised how many responses this post recieved. It just goes to show you how much the little things matter. Is NYC that dirty? Just imagine a few thousand people touching the same subway pole you have to hold on to… Ick!


  7. do not go deeper with your hand washing routine. just be strong and do not wash your hand. just use water …it’s ok if you do this 1x per daytime.

    a healthy body could handle thinks like NYC subways….but washing your hands….could end in washing your hands for 1 hour….be carefull.

    just forget the dirt..and put the dirt in your music.

    love your site.


  8. will there be a horrorist line of moisturizing products?



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