A piece of music just by using sand, normal sand.

Diego Stocco – Music From Sand from Diego Stocco on Vimeo.

Do you remember a post I made titled, “Music from a Little Stapler.“? Well it was about a sound designer named Diego Stocco and how he make a full composition using only the sound from a stapler. Today Diego emailed me…

“Hey Oliver, Few days ago I posted another experiment where I created a piece of music just by using sand, normal sand. This time I did a full video (2 minutes long) where you can see the different techniques I used. I used some piezo transducers to shake the sand and also to play it as a percussive instrument, I taped the piezo to my fingers to do that.” – Diego Stocco

All I can say is this guy has his zen knob turned to ten (except when he’s burning pianos). I feel smarter and happier now that I watched him work a bit. I need to find my Legos and Matchbox cars and play a bit now… brb…

More info: diegostocco.com


  1. That was fantastic.


  2. Yeah, this really is amazing. Even more proof that with all of our tools and devices it’s creativity that wins in the end.


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