A look at Vince Borelli’s workflow.

My Workflow (Dark Pop Project) from Vince Borelli on Vimeo.

I love visiting friends studios and watching them work. The next best thing is being a video voyeur. Vince Borelli from Petaluma, CA has posted a short clip of his Ableton Live and Propellerhead Reason workflow. I don’t know Vince or his tunes but I agree that re-wiring Reason’s NN-XT into live is a great idea. Something about the NN-XT has an old Akai hardware feel and sound. Personally, I like to prep and then play a lot in Session View and drag clips over into Arrangement view probably more than Vince.

Thanks for the look inside your space. Say hello to you cat and Leo Laporte for us!

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  1. always good to see peoples workflow in ableton, thanks.


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