Wire to the Ear has a iPhone optimized site.

Wire to the Ear - iPhone

As good as the iPhone is at rendering web pages it’s nice when a site is optimized for it. I’m pleased to announce that if you do have an iPhone (or other mobile device) you will get a specially rendered version of Wire to the Ear.

As you can see the posts and comments render nicely. The only drawback is the iPhone’s lack of Flash support which means many of the audio clips I post and Vimeo videos won’t show. Rumor has it Adobe and Apple are on the case to get Flash going (let’s hope!).

Wire to the Ear - iPhone Site

If you want the old site there is an option button. Don’t forget to add a Wire to the Ear icon/bookmark to your Home Screen! Now I am with you everywhere…


  1. Nice work. How’d you make it? Is there a tool you used or did you code it up yourself? Looks better than most supposedly ‘mobile optimized’ blogs I’ve seen.


  2. I checked it out on my iPhone and it was made with WPtouch (http://www.bravenewcode.com/wptouch/).

    I agree with Albert. Looks like a solid conversion and a fantastic WordPress plugin. If I wasn’t a Flash designer/developer, I’d do the same on my WP site.

    Keep up the great work Oliver!


  3. Works great on my iPhone, thanks.


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