Just a little Thor and Scream.

Thor and Scream4

I love the Formant Filter in Propellerhead Reason’s Thor synthesizer. I also think Scream4 is one of the best software distortions out there. So if your stuck in a cubicle or need a reminder that Reason is great here’s a sample:

Get Reason: www.propellerheads.se

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7 thoughts on “Just a little Thor and Scream.”

  1. Yeah I find that every time I make a patch I want to keep with Thor, it’s got an automated Formant in there somewhere. It’s especially fun to hook up the KP3’s touch pad to the x-y. Nice.

  2. Scream 4 has many varieties of distortion but it can’t produce a very simple Gain Overdrive without this filtering\sharpness\contour n stuff. D-11 does it so quiet & shitty, so I made a Combinator with Scream 4 (Damage & EQ are ‘off’) and four MClass maximizers (limiters off). Maximizers #1-3 must have ‘Soft Clip’ switched off, #4 – on with amount 0.

  3. I’m currently on the hunt for a good distortion plug-in to use in Logic. I have reason and Scream and have always liked it. I have now however switched over to Logic and would rather not get reason rewired in evey time just for Scream. Can anyone suggest a good AU plug-in alternative? A lot of people suggest Ohmicide (http://www.ohmforce.com/ViewProduct.do?p=Ohmicide) but for me its too CPU intensive (on my old powermac) when I just want to beef up a high hat, which scream does perfectly…

    Any ideas?



  4. @ Christian:
    Nice plugins are also D16 Decimort (bitcrusher), Camel Phat, Ohmforce Ohmicide, Compact Distortion (free VST!!! get it here http://www.kvraudio.com/get/1470.html).
    And don´t forget NI Guitar Rig, Guitar effects don´t need to be used only for guitars.
    I make hardcore/gabber, so you can trust me, i know about good distortion^^

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