FabFilter introduces Twin 2.


A few years back a new high-profile software synthesizer was being released every week. That digital transition has cooled off a bit so I get excited when one of my favorite companies releases a new version of one of their sound making toys.

“A short introduction to FabFilter Twin 2, a great sounding and innovative software synthesizer for vst, rtas and audio units.” – Fabfilter

1500 presets, 3 OCS, 2 Multi-mode filters, 2 delay lines, 2 more filters, fun to use futuristic GUI and modulation section.

More info: fabfilter.com


  1. Books & Backpack February 3, 2009 at 9:24 pm

    If they could use this fellow’s accent as part of a vocoder they’d have a hit.

    VOLCANO is such a great filter. These guys and D-16 are head and shoulders above most of the rest.


  2. GUI looks sorta like the Schippman Ebbe and Flut filter.


  3. ohh yeah. I think I will choose Fab over Massive, after I upgrade my monitors.


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