Audiolife lets you sell tunes with no up-front costs.


Last September I discussed Amazon’s Createspace which allowed you to print on-demand CDs and sell them at There is another player in this space that recently caught my eye called Audiolife. It takes the Createspace model further by also giving you print on-demand merchandise and gives you a portable (embeddable) shop you can place anywhere around the net. You can also sell downloads and buy CDs and merch at a discounted price to sell at shows. The best part of Audiolife is that there are no up-front costs.

“The overarching goal of Audiolife’s trailblazing technology is to give artists an opportunity to generate streamlined revenue without incurring thousands of dollars in up-front costs. By designing and creating a front-end that is both user-friendly and relevant to the changing dynamics of consumer behavior, while providing resources to support a virtual storefront with back-end manufacturing and distribution capabilities, Audiolife has truly created a service that provides a 360ยบ solution.” –

For more info:


  1. Are you using this, Oliver?

    Thanks for turning me on to it.. I set up my store today…


  2. I haven’t tried myself yet but I will soon. What is your store link? Let’s see it!


  3. is it only for the US?


  4. Yes unfortunately right now it’s US only to sell but I believe fans around the world can still buy from anywhere.


  5. it sucks to be a Canadian lol


  6. Haven’t upped the music yet, but I did throw some shirts on there…


  7. Hey actually Audiolife just announced international capabilities.

    Check it out:


  8. Yeah I use Audiolife and love the quality of their goods. CreateSpace takes too much of a cut and you have to link your store as opposed to having your store on all your websites and social networks. The example CreateSpace has on their site involves a $25 CD price – nobody pays $25 for a CD.


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