Sonic Academy previews Ableton Live 8

Sonic Academy give’s us a UK accented video preview of Live 8. Sit back and enjoy.

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6 Responses to “Sonic Academy previews Ableton Live 8”

  1. Sewn says:

    I have been a long time fan of FLstudio. I see alot of people using Live, especially in electronic music. I’m just curious what makes this DAW stand out from the rest. What would be the advantage of using it verses what I use now?

  2. dominic says:

    the reason why Live is my favorite DAW is because it let me use the software like an instrument.
    i do have a musician background (trumpet and drums) so the linear way of music making was kinda boring to me. the fact of creating “clips” and playing them whenever you want is great! for improvisation it’s awesome. actually i compose the tracks by recording my “performance” and polish it after. it’s more instinctive to me. see what i mean? :)

    for gig, i separate all the elements of the tracks so i can reconstruct the tracks in your face (unlike the linear softwares). honnestly i dreamed about a software like for so long so the first time i saw Live i was like “OMFG!!!”

    since then, it’s a love story lol

  3. Sewn says:

    No affense but I really don’t follow. I have a copy of the demo from Guitar Center and I am thinking of installing it and trying it. What feature is this called you are talking about so I know to look for it. I used to play guitar and bass so having the actual “playing” aspect with creating music might be really inspiring to me. Also this would open up the option for me to go mac if I dig it :)

  4. JB says:

    Sewn you should just try it, it’ll be morew obvious once you do.

  5. Teeth says:

    Live 8 gives me wood. Seriously.

  6. graham miller says:

    if nothing else, this makes me want to use the adjective ‘wee’ more.


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