Lightbulb Speakers

Lightbulb Speakers

This week I noticed two seperate articles about Lightbulb Speakers. Both the Altec Lansing concept and the Soundbulb from designer Hoang Nguyen use electricity from a light socket and wireless technology. There’s no doubt this is cool tech and it makes me wonder where we can apply this new combined concept.

“Created by Altec Lansing, these light bulb speakers feature a wireless attachment that can be connected to a variety of audio devices, including Apple’s iPod. Users can also wirelessly stream music via Bluetooth to supported devices.” –

I want a studio monitor version created using sun lamps!

via Gizmodo


  1. This can bring a whole new meaning to the term Installed Sound.

    Imagine a hack happy person making their own underground PA in their school or office. I would use it to bust out movie quotes, random alarms, or movie quotes from an mp3 player/transmitter. Oh the joy it can bring!


  2. cool stuff. it would be great if these would in some mysterious way receive signal not from wireless but through electricity cables.


  3. A great idea until your lightbulb burns out and you can only listen in mono….


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