The Lowrey Prestige A5000 Organ.

Lowrey Prestige A5000

I remember going to my aunt and uncles house on Long Island, NY as a child. Besides playing with Matchbox cars on their carpeted steps I loved going into the basement and using the Organ. I have no idea what kind of Organ it was but thinking Lowrey Prestigeback it was surely all analog including the drums. I would freak out stomping on all the pedals and pushing the zillion buttons that all lit up when pressed. I remember playing a rotation of the The Imperial March (Star Wars), When the Saints Go Marching In and Happy Birthday.

One of the bits of NAMM news that caught my eye was the Lowrey A5000 Organ. Honestly I have no real clue about modern home Organs but just look at this thing! Tell me you wouldn’t want to go nuts pushing all these buttons.

“The cabinet of the Prestige is built from the finest materials with steam bent curves giving an elegant look to this new top of the range instrument. The layout has an natural curve allowing you to see the whole panel easily whilst playing. New button design means that the panel is very easy to read and is angled to make button operation easier. Combine this with a full colour touch LCD screen and you have what we believe is the easiest organ to use in the world.” –

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8 thoughts on “The Lowrey Prestige A5000 Organ.”

  1. Having worked my way through the 80s with Roland SH-101s galore and even a trusty Minimoog for about 20 year until finally going entirely virtual in my studio, I yearn for a solid-state lump of kit with ANY knobs or sliders…. this, however, is somewhat of a wet-dream! Ha ha! Nice work Oliver.

  2. call fletcher music centers to reserve yours today!!! (321)725-0784
    tell them Jesse Blanchard told you to call and you’ll get a special discount!

  3. Hi, all!

    The Lowrey Prestige A5000 is a really cool organ!

    I play some classic TV soap opera themes on the Prestige as well as on various Yamaha synthesizers (DX-7, Tyros2, Tyros3).

    Check me out on my YouTube channel which is a tribute to Charles Paul and Eddie Layton!



    1. Hello Soapluvva,

      Like you, I grew up listening to the soap opera greats, especially Charles Paul, John Gart, Ashley Miller, and Eddie Layton. I understand you have Charles Paul’s handwritten theme to ATWTurns. I also have the published sheet music Charles wrote for Conn organ in the 50s: “Laughing it Off” (and also a recording of Mr. Paul in which he plays this very tune on the Conn. (pretty difficult) Could we arrange to share these items? I’d also enjoy hearing about your studies with Eddie Layton.

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