Six synthPond compositions.

Six synthPond compositions from wiretotheear on Vimeo.

My favorite music application for the iPhone is called synthPond. Above is a video of six compositions I created using synthPond. Using “effector nodes” and “reactor nodes” that can orbit around each other while changing pitch you can create some wonderful sequences.  A big thanks to Zach Gage for creating such a  terrific app! I can’t wait for future versions of synthPond.

Get synthPond: iTunes

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3 thoughts on “Six synthPond compositions.”

  1. Oliver – nice demo video. I put up a link to this on Synthtopia.

    If this would let you select or create new sounds, it would be a really killer app. Maybe that will be coming down the pipe.

    synthPond and Bloom are very cool, but frustrating, because they have 90% of what you need, but not that last little bit.

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