Would you pay $999 for a pair of headphones?

Denon AHD7000

At this year’s CES Denon introduced the AH-D7000 headphones. They cost $999. The main features that would make someone drop this cash on some cans include the 50mm diaphragm (huge!) and the Mahogany housing. Apparently wood casings in high end headphones is the subject of much praise in the hi-fi world.

“Experience musical fidelity as you’ve never heard before with Denon’s AH-D7000 Ultra Reference over-ear headphones. Combining old world craftsmanship with state-of-the-art technologies, the AH-D7000 re-defines the ultimate in headphone listening. The large diameter (50mm, 1.97”) free edge Microfiber diaphragms provide extended frequency response, from the lowest bass notes all the way up to 45 kHz, to provide the ultimate listening experience with advanced high resolution audio formats such as SACD. High strength Neodymium magnets provide high efficiency and freedom from motor structure non-linearity. The elegant housings are crafted from real Mahogany wood, with intricate internal carving to enhance the natural tonal balance, and are finished in an elegant soft satin piano gloss.” – usa.denon.com

I’d like to see a high profile fashion victim DJ rocking these. I’m sticking with my Sony MDR-7506’s for now.

For more info on the new D7000’s: click here Buy last years model the AH-D5000 now for just $463: Amazon

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10 thoughts on “Would you pay $999 for a pair of headphones?”

  1. I’ve gotten so used to ear buds now that I think it would be odd to go back. I’d like to give those a try though to hear exactly what $999 of headphone sounds like ;-) Don’t think I’ll be parting with my Shure SE210’s any time soon though.

  2. I never would myself but I think those Stax headphone amps and stuff go to even higher (way higher) expenses – I used to peruse the ‘stereophile’ sites for a while as I was about to get a new amp, turntable and speakers, but it is just depressing some of the prices lol

    haha my first search for Stax Headphones provided a far more exorbitant price:



  3. I would like a pair of audiophile quality earphones, but given the amount of snake oil in the audiophile world I am a bit skeptical about these kinds of products.

  4. When in Tokyo in 2007 I fell in love with a pair of Denon AH-D2000’s in Akihabara. I wanted to buy them but they were sold out and wouldn’t sell me the floor model, and I have been searching for another pair ever since! They had hundreds of high-quality cans and the AH-D2000’s were the best. They weren’t the most expensive, because you could spend alot more on wood and leather finishings with gold trim and all that wank, but none sounded better… So I can totally dig the appeal of the D7000’s!

    Incidentally, if any readers can point me in the right direction of a AH-D2000 stockist I’d be well pleased!

    ATM I use AKG K-100’s :)

  5. Wow, that’s ridiculous for a pair for headphones! :-o Personally I don’t like a lot of the talk in the audiophile community, it’s all bit wishy-washy and far too subjective for me. I also use Sony MDR-7506s. Awesome pair of headphones – I love mine.

    By the way, Oliver, great blog. My first time commenting; been reading for a few months now :)

  6. Been using MDR-7506 for years and loved them.
    Just switched to ATH-M50 and I’m in sonic heaven!
    Do yourself a favor and do an A/B comparison between the two models at your nearest hi-fi/music store.
    You’ll know right away what I’m talking about…

  7. MDR-7506s were a huge breakthrough. Mine are falling apart, but I love them.
    Before that, I was using those AKG ones (forgot the model). Night and day.
    At 1st I hated the Sonys because I thought they were hyping the high end.
    Then I realized that my AKGs just sounded like crap!

    Would love to A:B some of these vunder-phones.

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