Waves gives away GTR Solo for one year.

Waves GTR Solo

Without a doubt Waves makes some of the best sounding plug-ins. For winter NAMM 2009 Waves has announced they are offering their amp, cab and mic simulator GTR Solo for free, for one year. Besides being a top plug-in developer Waves also grabbed proper licenses to create these emulations so if you’re in the know about all things guitar you will appreciate the labeling and presets in GTR from Fender, Marshall, Gibson, Hartke, Vox and more.

“Waves Audio announces that its GTR Solo software is now available as a free downloadable one-year license. Featuring 10 precision-modeled amps, 13 stomp effects and 10 cabinets, GTR Solo delivers the GTR family’s studio-quality sounds in an intuitive, attractive software package. Consisting of both standalone application and DAW plug-in components, GTR Solo requires no additional hardware. Guitarists and bassists can simply plug their instruments into their computer, dial up one of GTR Solo’s hundreds of included presets and experience the unmistakable sound and excitement of real amps and effects.

GTR Solo features amp models from Fender®, Marshall®, VOX® and more, created using revolutionary sampling techniques that go way beyond standard modeling. These virtual amps do not merely approximate the sounds of the original gear; they recreate every last nuance. Ten amps are included in total: Clean, Sweet, Edgy, Drive, Overdrive, Crunch, Shredder and SolidState Bass Amp, as well as PRS Scorch and PRS Crush, which were created in association with world famous guitar manufacturer Paul Reed Smith. GTR Solo’s 13 stomp effects let users created a massive variety of sonic textures: OverDrive, Distortion, Phaser, Flanger, Chorus, Delay, Wah Wah, Spring, Pitcher, Vibrolo, GateComp, EQ and Volume. Finally, the package includes 10 cabinet models that render the aural sensation of real speakers moving air: 12″ Open Back, 2×12″ Closed Back, 2×12″ Open Back, 4×10″ Open Back, 4×12″ Standard, 4×12″ Vintage, Acme12″ Custom, Bass 8×10″ Pro, Acme 4×12” Vintage Gibson® Skylark and Acme 8” Open Back Hiwatt.” – wavesgtr.com

Keep in mind that even though this is a guitar sim plug-in it will do a great job on vocals, drums and anything else you throw at it. To grab GTR Solo: click here

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4 thoughts on “Waves gives away GTR Solo for one year.”

  1. not that I have one but

    “Important: GTR Solo will uninstall all currently installed V5 plug-ins. After installing GTR Solo, you will need to re-install your Waves V5 products.”

    smells like the GTR might install a new scheme for crack protection; It’s clever. Give a freebee, get the suckers to suffer.

  2. Waves plugins do sound good but their prices are too high compared to similar products.

    They made an impression on me as aggressive and money-savey when they started their “ban piracy” under a vague “organisation” which was just them really.

    Also I have a problem buying something that I know will translate into Israeli tax money.
    I say that with all due respect to my jewish friends and fellow readers.

  3. Yeah I have to say that the uninstall of all Waves 5 plug ins is a little off putting. I have Ilok so have nothing to fear re cracked versions but I just don’t want the hassle of having to re-install. Shame as it would have been nice to try this. There is always a catch, especially if it seems too good to be true.

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