Sunday Sounds: Cocaine fueled Iggy Pop

I’m not a “love anything Iggy ever did” kind of fan. I love the same Iggy and the Stooges songs every hipster goes for such as I Wanna Be Your Dog and Gimme Danger. If by some bizzare chance you don’t know those two song do yourself a favor and click the titles and listen to some greatness. Today’s video shows you there was a time it was perfectly acceptable to be high on cocaine and on television. I remember watching an interview with Iggy in the 90’s where he went off on David Crosby for being fat, eating meat and being “establishment”. All press is good press.


  1. that’s one of the most blatant refusals to lip-sync I’ve ever seen eheh

    didn’t Faith No More put their hands in their mouths when they were on Top Of The Pops or something?


  2. Even more shocking is the fact he’s advertising Car Insurance in the uk:

    TV ads and everything, though I don’t think they’ve made it to the net yet…


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