Recordings from my day yesterday.

I had to go to the Social Security office in downtown Brooklyn. I took the 4 Train back into NYC. I feel at home when I hear, “Stand clear of the closing doors please.”.

Julie and I needed to waste some time before we met friends for Julie’s birthday so we stopped by Guitar Center to visit my friend Dan who works there. You can hear some Reggae in the background. I think all music stores around the world sound incredible similar.

My friend Leslie (on the right) needed to get a new piercing so we stopped by one of New York’s famous Tattoo parlors Adorned. I like the song that’s playing. Does anyone know what it is? Buzz buzz!

Time for the celebration so we head to Supper. It’s a great Italian restaurant owned by Frank Prisinzano who became well known in NYC with one of his other spots simply called “Franks”. The food was great but as you can hear it was well loud. My poor musicians ears would have preferred a much quieter place but this is Manhattan on a Friday night.

All the recordings were done on my iPhone using the Griffin iTalk application. You can download and use these recordings for whatever you like. Here’s a download link for the 16bit aiff files. Included is a bonus audio file recorded on the F-train:

NYC Day by Oliver Chesler is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. Based on a work at

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  1. Looks & Sounds like a great day Oliver. Love the field recording. The app works cool! HB to Julie as well.


  2. Oh my God, I miss that Guitar Center. Thanks for this. I’d love for you to start doing this regularly!


  3. Tattoo parlour music is Poor Fractured Atlas (All of this useless Beauty) Elvis Costello and The Attractions. Get the app Shazam to discover new music easier. I find that it works about 90% of the time.


  4. Hah – in the music store at 44seconds it sounds unmistakably like the Little Phatty! :)

    I really like these posts.


  5. Thanks Augustus! Did you use Shazam on this recording or did you know the song? I have Shazam on my iPhone but forgot to run it in the store.


  6. I should have mentioned it in my reply but yes I did use it on your recording. I had to use it on the end of it without many background voices speaking. :)


  7. Wow, Oliver… Are you going to field recordings and Elvis Costello!! My congratulations. Some people never change his musical statements and i think that’s really sad. Last days I was thinking in field recordings as some kind of unique portrait. I was listening a lot of Hugh Tracey’s old recordings and was an awesome experience…

    This radio is amazing too:

    Greetings from Barcelona.


  8. Our local tattoo shop spins he is legend and canibal corpse =]


  9. I love the field recordings of subways and the like. I’ve recorded a few plane and train journeys around the world on previous trips, which was amusing, but never really ended up in a track like i thought it might. Never heard anything from the USA though. Nice :)


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