Nice video featuring the MFB Kraftzwerg.

Remember one of my MusikMesse 2008 picks the MFB Synth 3? It’s been renamed the Kraftzwerg and it’s been out for a few months now. For 579€ you can have one of these interesting noise makers. Visit the official MFB (Manfred Fricke Berlin) website here:

“Some clueless noodling on my small modular. MFB Kraftzwerg and some Doepfer modules. No effects.” – mancio1

Buy a Kraftzweg: SchneidersBuero or analoguehaven


  1. Beautiful. Sounds like a Dalek snoring….


  2. Nice sounds!
    MFB is cool! I own a MFB-Synth 2 and really love it!


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